Monday, April 27, 2015

Interesting multifarious in Markt Bibart

Markt Bibart is a little town in northern Bavaria, between Neustadt a.d. Aisch and Kitzingen. It has a railway station, a church, one main street and a bunch of side ones. It doesn't seem very interesting... However, if you look carefully, you'll find many interesting little objects.

Graffiti depicting St. George, the Slayer of the Dragon and St. Ulrich von Augsburg.

Graffiti on the wall of the seat of the association of little animals' breeders.

Amateur folk sculpture depicting old man with gnarled stick. The man is wearing German military iron cross on his chest.
Capitol of the marterl - stone pillar shrine.
Virgin Mary with The Child - little alter on the wall

The sculpture of Virgin Mary with The Child

Jesus altar on the wall

Jesus with children - sculpture on the corner of the building

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Flurbereiningungdenkmal Strullendorf

On the north corner of Strullendorf, at the foot path at Bamberger Str. (N49 50.870 E010 57.818) you'll see the 'Flurbereinigungdenkmal'. It's something very specific to Germany: a monument commemorating an action of agricultural land reorganizing. 

Near the monument, there's a Marterl from XVIII century and board commemorating sister city relation to Izsak in Hungary.


Lindenallee Strullendorf

The linden alley in Strullendorf was made as a tribute to the soldiers who have died in World War I. In 1926 before each house on the street one linden was planted.

The length of the alley - about 530 m.
Start: N49 50.709 E10 58.098
End N49 50.963 E10 53.336
The number of trees: about 80

Little Holy Mary shrines on the walls, Forchheim

On my visit in Forchheim I've spotted many little shrines on the walls. The statues of Holy Mary are placed either in niches or outside, under little roof.

Hautpstrasse 48 (N49 43.127 E11 03.533)

Hauptstrasse 38 (N49 43.147 E11 03.524)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kunstweg in Rednitzhembach

There's an interesting project near Rednitzhembach (south from Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany) called Kunstweg. It's the trail going through the fields, the forest and the town, near which there are various modern skulptures and art installations.

The naked man


Giant ants

Adam and Eve

The basketman

Stone garden

Iron mushrooms

Metal grass

A giant fish

Stone balls

Tattooed trees

Iron hammock

What is on the other side?

Han Solo?

Wooden mushrooms?

Look like mushrooms


Water works

Iron Wave


Wooden cannons

Nuremberg Hesperidengarten

Hesperidengarten  is a very nice, lovely garden located west from city center. It has many interesting sculptures, fountains and a sun clock. You can also find the golden apples there!

The Arion Fountain

Woman eating grapes

The Golden Apples

The man with lion skin

Sun clock

A fool with sousages

A fool playing music