Saturday, January 11, 2014

Old chapel at Main-Donau-Kanal/Erlangen

Walking on the bank of Main-Donau-Kanal in Erlangen, I've came across an old chapel.

The inscription contains the date: 1633

A marter beside the chapel. Marter is the south-German name for stone wayside cross or guidepost.

The interior of the chapel: cross and the sculpture of Jesus

A prayer on the stone table inside the chapel

The most original caches part 1 - Erlangen

I present 4 very interesting caches found on today's geocaching near Erlangen (the surrounding of Main-Donau-Kanal).

1. Telecom Cache
It must be quite surprising for muggle walker to see a phone automate hanging on a tree. The cache is placed inside old street phone, to get it a key is needed, which is hidden somewhere nearby.

2. Screw cache

This is not an ordinary screw, but a micro cache container. The log is hidden inside the screw. The screw itself is magnetic, and is hidden in the rusted metal construction near Regnitz river.

3. Worm cache
This is not intended, but so it is. The cache is placed near children playground, placed in wooden chest buried into ground. This is why so many worms are inside. I'm not sure how typical German children react to such container, usually children like animals. 

4. Birdhouse cache
Look carefully between the branches and you'll see a little birdhouse. But there's no bird inside. This is a geocache container. You need to be a bit fit to log it, but the tree is so nice for climbing, that no ladder or rope is needed to accomplish that task. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brombachsee - animal life

Geese on the coast of Großer Brombachsee

Boar farm near the Brombachsee. The terrain is described as military area - but those ones doesn't look like soldiers :)

Swan taking morning toilet


Here is the gallery of photos of Kleiner and Großer Brombachsee (Franconia, Bavaria):